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  • 24V , Battery Operated Vehicles (Age: 3+)

    Fighter Scrambler – 24 Volt

    This realistically styled scaled-down, electric-powered motor bike has been specifically designed for kids. Start them young on the slow speed setting with the balance wheel kit fitted. Then watch them improve and progress to the faster speed setting balancing on their own. This eye catching 24-volt scrambler is equiped with hardwearing rugged pneumatic tyres, realistic twist grip accelerator (with progressive …

  • 24V , Battery Operated Vehicles (Age: 3+)

    Hunter Quad – 24 Volt

    24 volt motor and a thermal fuse for added safety
    3 speed gearbox with parental gear selector
    Maximum speed of 15km/h
    Progressive acceleration with active cruise control
    Rugged all-terrain puncture resistant tyres