Robbie Toys Ltd was formed in 1997 by Bob Newbery who named the company after his long awaited son after 3 daughters. It is a family run firm with his wife and son playing important roles within the company. Bob has spent more than 35 years in the toy industry and has worked closely with Rolly toys for over 25 years and Injusa for twenty years and we also represent Ferbedo, Buki, Berjuan and recently took on Game Movil and Skillmatics. This year we have added Achoka and Lumenico!

The company prides itself on its aftersales and backup service and help line facility for the consumer should they encounter any problems with a product manufactured by the factories we represent. We hold stock 365 days of the year not just the lead up to Christmas so no child has to miss out on a birthday present.

We are the official importers and UK distributors for Rolly, Injusa, Ferbedo, Berjuan, Buki, and most recently Achoka and Lumenico. We also represent Dino Bikes from Italy on a Direct Dispatch basis. As you browse through our website you will find a wide selection of products from the above factories

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Electric Digger with 360 Spin – 12 Volt

This large orange 12 Volt rechargeable digger comes with a charger and can revolve through 360 degree turn and working digger is controlled by easy to use joysticks. Push them both forward and go forward, pull them both back to go into reverse and if you push them in opposite directions, it will spin though 360 degrees. It features start …

Waltzer 12 Volt – Pink

This 12 Volt ride-on rechargeable Waltzer is going to make every day like a trip to the fair but without the queues. It comes ready assembled (just connect the battery and its ready to go) and has its own inbuilt LED lights and sounds and features an on/off switch and a safety belt and can spin through 360 degrees, thanks …

Fantastic Pad (Ages 3+)

This Fantastic Pad is truly remarkable! It’s a magic drawing and writing board for kids. Everything that is drawn or written will light up. It features eight multi-flashing LED lights to create art that shines. It has eight lightning effects, which include an extra multicoloured random flashing light setting, that will light the pad with random colours. Simply press the …


Display Box of 18 x Grip Playmats – 75 x 112cm

This display box contains 9 x District and 9 x Seaside Grip Playmats, which are made from 100% non-woven polyester and is very flat for a perfect playing surface and features a non slip backing, ‘3D’ picture quality of a seaside, farm and district settings with a finishing band in solid colour. All the designs in this range are connectable …

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