Nascar Crash Circuit


Race, wreck, and rebuild – The NASCAR Crash Circuit is designed to ensure high-speed racing and thrilling crashing action. Bring the excitement of NASCAR home with the one-of-a-kind NASCAR Crash Circuit Ultimate Road Course with Winner’s Circle for hectic, high-velocity racing action. With extended straits, and snaking turns; this 14 foot double width racetrack (1.8 metres approx. once the track is assembled) is made for insane speed and colossal collisions. The bonnets, doors, and roofs of both the cars fly apart upon impact. The Cars easily snap back together for continuous racing action. Wind the cars up with the two included car winders (each winder requires 3 x AA batteries, not supplied) in 10 seconds or less and watch the action unfold then place your car on the Winner’s Circle and do donuts to celebrate your victory. Suits ages 5 years +.

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