Hogwarts Express 37-piece Remote Controlled Train Set


Step through Platform 93/4 and take a ride on the Hogwarts Express. Witches, wizards, and Muggles can easily control this battery powered train set. Featuring authentic sound clips of the ever-popular Harry Potter characters, this 37-piece train set is sure to delight boys and girls and Harry Potter fans of all ages. This extra-large Hogwarts Express licensed train set comes set comes with a 32 piece track (24 curved plastic track pieces and 8 straight track pieces) and a four piece train. The train comprises 1 x locomotive engine with a working light, 1 x engine tender and 2 x train carriages and also comes with a remote control (requires 3 x AAA batteries, not supplied). It also features 6 movie announcements (‘I’m Ron by the way, Ron Weasley’, ‘I’m Harry, Harry Potter’, ‘Anything from the trolley, dears?’, ‘You’re Harry Potter, I’m Hermione Grainger’, ‘Now, uh, you train leaves in ten minutes. Here’s your ticket. Stick to it, Harry, it’s very important. Stick to your ticket!’ and ‘But Hagrid, there must be mistake, this is Platform 93/4. There’s no such thing, is there?’) The movie announcements are operated by the remote control, which also controls the forward and reverse movement of the train by means of the large dial. The remote control also has an on/off switch. A perfect decorative addition for any Harry Potter fans to put round the base of the tree for the festive season. The train requires 6 x C batteries (not supplied). The track has three different lay-out option (oval, square and round and once completed the track will measure 1.86 x 1.27 metre, if laid out in an oval. Suits ages 4 years +.

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