V8 Engine


Assemble a V8 internal combustion engine model, with this V8 engine building kit. The engine includes over 270 parts, and you can reproduce the 4-stroke cycle: the 8 pistons move up and down, just like in a real V8 engine, the model also features realistic lights and sound effects. It comes with a 28-page full colour booklet with full assembly instructions on how to assemble the engine and the booklet also teaches you the 4-stroke cycle of car engines in illustrated detail and why it is called a V8 engine. The booklet also explains how step by step of what is happening within the model when the start button is pressed. The model has a battery saving system, as it will run for 30 seconds before turning itself off.

Requires 3 x AA batteries, not supplied.
Suits ages 10 years +.

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