Currently new generations continue with the successful business policy initiated 35 years ago. To do this, They continue to inspire us in the initial values ​​of the company and we rely on the formula transmitted by their predecessor: the skill of a great professional team over the continuous incorporation of new technologies and R & D .

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Buki invent, design, develop and test about a dozen new products each year at Thier offices in Le Mans, France. The team also works in close collaboration with designers, illustrators, and scientists.

Our team designs all the kits, from the preparatory sketche phase to marketing. It takes between three months and a year to turn an idea into a reality.

The leader in scientific games, Buki France has forged itself a solid reputation by finding innovative ways to educate children.

All the experiments, recipes, and activities are tested and approved by children. Our team only keeps the ones that are the most fun and most interesting.

Our kits are designed so that the whole family can play together. Adults are encouraged to actively participate, and certain activities were though up for them.

Tested by independent laboratories, our products meet all the latest European standards.

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By conducting business with integrity and accuracy, the validity of the organizations thoroughness and experienced operation within its sector have become well-known. Dino Bikes are made in Italy. Located in Borgo San Dalmazzo with a structured storage capacity of 90,000 Pieces, the warehouse is organised for extreme efficiency.

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Ferbedo is a family owned manufacturer of high quality Go Karts and other ride on and pedal products. They manufacture in the Nurnberg area of Germany and have been making quality vehicles for over 100 years now. All their products are tested by TUV the German Technical Control Board and the German Testing Authority for Equipment safety and guarantee each of their vehicles reaches those highest standards before leaving their factory.

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Game Movil is a company based in Spain who have been specialising in the manufacture of plastic toys since 1978. The GIANT BLOCKS rang are giant construction blocks which come in different sizes and colours. They come in various set sizes giving limitless play and construction possibilities.

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This manufacturer is from IBI near Alicante in Spain and specialises in battery operated ride on vehicles. This range is vast including jeeps, motorbikes of all kinds, quads, tri-roads, scooters and two seater jeeps. Most items are 6 volt but the larger items are available in 12 volt. All the vehicles come complete with a battery and charger and have the latest safety technology. Beautifully and realistically styled, with a vast portfolio. Injusa is the number one selling brand of battery operated vehicles in the UK

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Colour and Shine Nightlights. Unicorn, mermaid, Racing Car, Robot, and T-Rex styles available

With Four power modes – 

  1. “sleep” mode button lowers luminance to 2% brightness which is perfect for sleeping.
  2. 2.“Hour” timer turns the night light off after 60 minutes to ease your children into a peaceful night sleep.
  3. The “side lamp” soft light will ease young eyes while allowing your child to finish some bedtime reading or add last minute details to a homework assignment.
  4. The “rainbow” mode can be set by simply pressing a button. The nightlight will begin a beautiful soothing transition of all colours the lamp offers.

Each light set includes 5 coloured markers that can be used to customise the removable top. Let your child’s creativity shine as they colour in these lovable characters. It’s simple and fun to colour and erase over and over again. For best results use the included markers to colour in the back of the removable panel. You can start over again by wiping the acrylic top with a micro fibre cloth or tissue.  Don’t forget to put the lids back on the pens to prevent them from drying out. Calming colour changing light top – kids love the easy to use remote control. Choose from 60 beautiful LED colours with the touch of a button and put the power in their hands. The calming rainbow function can also be dimmed down by pressing the button multiple times – perfect for day sleeps. Perfect for home decoration – light passes through the Mermaid screen printed acrylic panel to display fun designs. Great for use in the play room, or a kids room. This night light is perfect for tiny fingers and generates no heat conductivity. The safe low voltage (5 volt) LED lights will not heat up even after long working times and is designed to stay on all night.

Energy efficient – the long life, low power LEDs will last 25 times longer than standard light bulbs. Powered by included batteries (3 x AA), you can also power by connecting the included USB cable to a standard charger or a computer port. Dimensions: 22.5 x 13 x 4 cm. Suits ages 3 years +.      

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This well known manufacturing brand name of tractors and accessories is owned by the Franz Schneider family in Neustadt near Coburg in Germany. They make all the styles of tractors, but unlike other brands, actually base their vehicles on real models so all the styling is accurate from engine blocks to the slant angle of the bonnet. They are Europe’s number one in toy tractor manufacturer and the amount of accessories available is astonishing, anything from a basic trailer to triple Cambridge rollers to three way tipping trailers. All their tractors are blow moulded for extra strength and durability and their axles are 10-12mm thick which is strong enough to bear the weight of the heaviest adult – but not advised!

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Run run Toys is a young company newly landed in the market, protected by the vehicles of luxury in mountable toy version and specialized in importing High Quality product. Because, among our collection you can find replica type toys brands as recognized as it is Mercedes, Porch, Ferrari, Lamborgini and Audi, among others, and With guarantee of after sales service national.

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Skillmatics was started with a clear goal – To develop high quality educational products / games which build core skills and reinforce key learning concepts – all through the joy of play! Our wide range of products are filled with truly innovative content and highly engaging activities which will ensure your child enjoys hours and hours of fun learning!

Skillmatics products have been designed keeping in mind two distinct age groups – 3-6 years and 6-9 years. Our products build over 100 skills in children such as observation, focus & attention, logical reasoning, problem solving, strategising, critical thinking and much more! With our first range of Skillmatics products, we have introduced the innovative Write & Wipe technology in a completely new avatar. We have integrated educational content, engaging activities and the unique “Write and Wipe” format to create a truly 

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