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  • Industex

    Blow Markers

    This is a fun set of airbrush pens where you can use to create an endless number of drawings in different colours. With these spraying marker pen with you can also create incredible designs whilst blowing through them! It comes with 13 Blow Markers, 10 sheets of A4 size reusable templates with different designs and 20 sheets of A4 paper. …

  • Industex

    Fantastic Pad (Ages 3+)

    This Fantastic Pad is truly remarkable! It’s a magic drawing and writing board for kids. Everything that is drawn or written will light up. It features eight multi-flashing LED lights to create art that shines. It has eight lightning effects, which include an extra multicoloured random flashing light setting, that will light the pad with random colours. Simply press the …

  • Industex

    Secret Board

    The Large Secret Board is safe and clean, it measures 29 x 41 x 1 cm and it is a large magic light drawing board where drawings will glow in the dark, thanks to its photoluminescent surface that absorbs light and then glows in the dark. It will leave no stains or marks and leave you hand clean. It comes …