RollyToys FAQ

The rolly toys Tretfahrzeuge  without gear shift  have a chain drive with a slight reduction. The pinion of the pedal axle has 10 teeth, the pinion of the drive axle 12 teeth. (= Ratio 1: 1.2)

For rolly toys pedal vehicles with a two-speed gearshift   , the pedal axle and the drive axle are each equipped with two adjacent pinions, over which two separate chains run. Gear 1 with 1: 1.4 reduction, gear 2 (overdrive) with a 1: 1 ratio. 
If the shift lever is in the shift gate in the middle position, the idling is switched, ie both chain trains have no drive function. For safety reasons, therefore, all tractors with gearshift ex works are equipped with a handbrake.

For reasons of liability and warranty, vehicles with a shift are only available ex works. A retrofitting in the customer’s hand is therefore not recommended, the cutout for the shift gate must be absolutely precise. This can only be guaranteed with a special device on the assembly line.

When cornering, the inside wheel inevitably turns slower than the outside wheel, which follows a larger radius. Since both wheels are on a continuous drive axle, such a cornering would be difficult. If both wheels were driven, the drive axle would have to be split in two, with a complex differential between the two axle halves to compensate for the different wheel speeds. Therefore, only one rear wheel is driven, with rolly toys always the left.  ontent

The pedal crank can not be adjusted in height / size. The eccentric bearings are intended only for tensioning the chain.

These “clicks” can occur if the chain tension is too loose. Therefore, the pedal cranks of all rolly toys tractors are guided in so-called eccentric bearings. To tighten the chain, loosen the 3 screws holding the eccentric discs to the body. Now place the eccentric bearings parallel to the left and right and in the same direction to the same number. For orientation, a line mark is visible on the tractor body. If the problem can not be solved with this measure, the pinion of the bottom bracket could be defective. To do this, loosen the lid on the bottom of the vehicle and see if the pinion is OK. In rare cases, the pedals must be replaced.

We do not offer pneumatic tires for the rollyX-Trac, as these large vehicles would then be too heavy for a sensible playability with the required tire size.

Basically, all Rolly Toys trailers, big and small, will fit all Rolly Toys tractors as they are part of the Rolly Toys range of accessories. However, we recommend to take into account the age of the child and the size of the vehicle, because a water barrel, for example, attached to a rollyKiddy could overwhelm smaller children.

To do this, carefully open the half-shells of the hand-held syringe and check that the check valve is correctly installed. To operate, the slightly conical part of the check valve (see comparison in Figs. 1 and 2) must always point towards the nozzle.

Fig. 1 | Properly inserted: 
• Check valve CORRECT installed! (small arrow or triangle on the valve must point to the front)

Fig. 2 | Incorrectly inserted:
• Check valve installed FALSE!

The products labled as “X Trac” are the largest pedal tactor in the range, Rolly suggest that this would be suitable for children from 110cm – 150cm

If you are experiencing any difficulties with your tractor please call our help line on

01843 604448 and we will endouver to help you.

Monday – Friday


Please call our help line on 01843 604448 Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.00

Yes! The ware strips should be changed before any damage is done to the more expensive wheels.

To fit the are strips they need to be warmed up in hot water then stretch fitted over the wheels.

As they cool down they will shrink fit tightly to the wheel.

These items can be purchased from our range of spare parts on 01843 604448


Using a punch or flat headed screwdriver that can be hit with a hammer, hit downwards on the outer edge of the rim adjacent to the retaining hook of the main cap, of which there are two.

Repeat this alternating from one to the other untill the caps pop off. For a fuller explanation please call our help line on 01843 604448.

These caps are a one time use item if you require new caps please call us on 01843 604448 or email us on

This adjustment is purely for tensioning the chain and does not effect the child’s leg length.

The numbers on the disc are present so that the two discs can be positioned in exactly the same position to prevent the chain jumping off.

The gears are generally found on larger models and allows for a smaller child to pedal in a lower gear. The large wheels on the biggest tractors can be difficult to pedal for children that have not pedalled before so the lower gear helps them to get moving.

The gears are also useful where there is a gradient or rough ground to go over.

The gear system is very simple and requires no extra maintenance.

This is correct.

Only one wheel is driven by the pedal crank. Most toys of this kind are the same as they are all fixed wheel drive.

When a vehicle turns a corner one wheel has to travel further than the other, if the wheels were locked together the vehicle could only go in a straight line.

Motor Vehicles have a differential which allows some drive to both wheels this system would not work on a toy and would be very expensive and probably very hard to pedal.

Rolly give guide line measurements for the height of the child to fit each tractor type in the Rolly Range;

Rolly Minitracs — ca. 68 – 104 cm
Rolly Trike — ca 68 – 104 cm
Rolly Kid — ca 92 – 128cm
Rolly Jumior — ca 104 – 152cm
Rolly Farmtrac — ca 104 – 152cm
Rolly digger — ca 104 – 140cm
Rolly X Trac — ca 110- 164cm

Yes. Most parts excluding the main blow moulded bodywork are available, even parts for some very old and much loved models.

If you still have your assembley instructions you can just quote the reference numbers.

If not dont worry you can try to identify the tractor from the pictures on our website and we will email the correct instructions to you.