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    Buki Explosive Science (Age 8+)

    Discover 15 fun explosive experiments, you can make a bomb, a geyser, a rocket and more. The involving kit contains foam protective pads and goggles for carrying out the 15 experiments that are explained step by step in the included 48 page illustrated colour booklet in total safety and comes with a beaker, foam strips, a measuring spoon, red colouring, …

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    Buki Human Body (Age 8+)

    A model of the human body, with soft organs to dissect and glow in the dark phosphorescent bones. Discover 12 experiments to understand the secrets of anatomy; you can cultivate bacteria, make slimy mucus and listen to your heart beating with the included stethoscope. The 12 experiments that are explained step by step in the included 44 page illustrated colour …

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    Electricity Workshop

    Why does a saline solution conduct electricity? How does a motor work? How does a light bulb turn on? What is the difference between a series circuit and a parallel circuit? How does an alarm work? How do you make a siren? All these questions are answered with this Electricity Workshop. With 22 easy circuits and no soldering required.

    Requires …

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    Electronics Laboratory

    With 6 projects to understand how electricity flows through printed circuits and how resistors and transistors work by building a radio, a burglar alarm and a fire alarm, has Safe circuits with no soldering.

    Requires 1 x 9 Volt battery, not included.
    Comes with a 40 page booklet.
    Suits ages 8 years +.

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    Fingerprints (Age 8+)

    12 experiments to discover main techniques of detectives: identikit, secret messages, clues analysis…This set comprises glasses, magnifying glass, microscope, UV lamp…

    Instruction sheet in 6 languages.

    Requires 2 LR41 batteries, included and 2 LR06 batteries, not included.

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    Plasma Ball

    This plasma ball is ideal for the science fan and to decorate a bedroom. It reacts to touch and creates harmless flashes of lightning bolts of electricity within the 15 cm diameter glass ball. It has an on/off switch with an audio setting – so you can use your voice or music to make the plasma react inside the ball. …

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    Rocket Science

    Build your rocket and carry out launches in total safety. Prepare your fuel with the ingredients supplied, fit the safety stopper, retreat to a safe distance and countdown to launch. Then watch your rocket speed up to heights of up to 15 metres. It includes 1 x rocket, a safety plug, a filter, 3 x foam fins, 3 x fin …

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    Wind Turbine

    Build a giant wind turbine and fix it in your garden. The turbine measures 90 cm. When assembled, wind makes the blades turn, and the generator will produce electricity – exactly the same principles of a real wind turbine. The electricity is the used to recharge a battery (not included). The battery can then power the engine of the included …

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    Wizard Chemistry and 30 Experiments

    A cauldron to conduct 30 magical experiments and become a real wizard. Conjure magic smoke, light effects and magic potions to surprise your audience. Everything is included to help you complete the experiments successfully. Simply activate the light effects and smoke and use the magic wands. Comes with a cauldron, pipette wand, spoon wand, 100ml beaker, mixing straw, spoons, goggles, …