The new CREATIVE ENGINEERING series is the most compact presentation of ENGINO® system, ideal for online stores, saving warehouse space and logistics cost. The best-selling models of our traditional ENGINO® ranges have been bundled together in these sets, empowering children to become young engineers and inventors. The series places special emphasis on creativity by allowing many models to be created from the same set. The models are STEMIFIED™ by activating new, pedagogically advanced, digital content that covers major STEM principles with theory and experimental activities. Each set comes in a plastic tub for easy storage and continual play. The “Maker Junior” set covers preschool kids aging from 4-6 with the award-winning Qboidz® system, while the “Maker Master” is the ideal solution for older kids of ages 7-12+. “Maker Master” sets start from the “20 models in 1” tub and scale up in complexity and creative potential with the “60 models in 1” tub that includes also motorized control. Even though ENGINO® system is suitable for both boys and girls, a special edition named “Maker girl” is also available, aiming to more actively engage girls in to STEM.

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