STEM LABS – How Viruses Work?


The new STEAM LABS™ toybook series has been developed based on the latest pedagogical trend that incorporates “Arts” within the STEM wording. Even though art is an inherent part of the engineering design process, “A” puts emphasis on one of the highest brain functions of human beings, that of inspirational creativity. “Inspiration” has been the driving force behind all humanity’s masterworks, either inventions, architecture, music, painting or literature. STEAM LABS™ toybook series innovate further by bundling the toy with the Theory & Activity book on the outside of the box, shrink-wrapped together. Each set includes sheets of paper with pre-defined sketches which kids can paint, cut and attach on their models. The books explain the theory about the subject and include smart experimental activities that relate to each theme. These books come with our free Augmented Reality app (AR) that makes content much more engaging and entertaining!

For ages 8-12+
Introduction to Microbiology Science Kit

Kids learn how viruses work and how they can impact our everyday lives, exploring the microorganism and pathogen world through real-life examples, experiments and interesting facts!

When they’re done experimenting, kids can pick up their coloured pencils and draw their own DNA structure.

The coloured booklet includes:
an introduction in Microbiology and the tools needed to practise
fun STEM experiments with their very own virus replica
a quiz to test their understanding of key STEM concepts
easy-to-follow building instructions
printable skins to practice their design skills

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