STEM QBOIDZ & Junior Robotics Set


The Qboidz & Junior Robotics education set is the ultimate solution for Preschool & early Primary school students of ages 5-7. It is the combination of the large tub of Qboidz (E10) which allows more than 90 models to be created from the younger age of 3, and the Junior Robotics set (E15) that steps up the complexity for the higher ages and includes the ERP MINI controller, sensors, light and motor! The merging of creativity with the ability to code and animate models, provides a unique combination for open-projects and multi-level thinking.


Plastic tub (43 x 31 x 15 cm)
268 Plastic parts
1743 Connecting points
Battery compartment for 3xAAA batteries
Mini controller with 4 input-output ports
Connectivity via USB and Bluetooth
Onboard membrane buttons for manual programming
1 DC motor
1 LED red
1 Touch sensor
Suggested for a group of 2-3 students

Curriculum in digital format

Robotics Handbook:
• Introduction to robotics
• Real-life applications
• History of Robotics
Lesson Plans:
• Teacher’s guidelines
• Storytelling
• 40 Structured Lesson Plans
Models Library:
• 98 Experimental Models
• 3D Building Instructions
KEIRO™ Manual:
• Controller and Peripherals
• Methods of programming
• Interface
• Coding Examples
KEIRO™ Software:
• Manual Programming
• Simulator
• Flow Diagram
• Outputs
• Controls
• Sensors

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