ROBOTIC CHALLENGE – Flexi-track Puzzle


When students program their robotic models, they need to test them and optimize their code. Even though the teacher can always improvise some challenges in the classroom, it can be difficult to create realistic situations that will inspire children and motivate them to develop solutions. That is why at ENGINO® we have designed several types of large-scale floor mats which can be deployed in any classroom, depending on the complexity of the challenge and the age of the students.

The floor mats come in the form of large corrugated plastic puzzle pieces so that they can be safely stored without taking too much space and assembled again whenever they are needed.

Besides these solid puzzles which have a specific layout, such as line following and maze, we have developed an innovative Flexi-track puzzle for GinoBot™, that is made from thick cardboard and can be connected as per user’s needs. The set has a large number of pieces such as straight lines, corners and crossroads, and allows many combinations for increased complexity. The printed black line has slots where colored pieces can be inserted so that GinoBot™ can be programmed to follow different programs and take decisions based on these different colours which are read by the floor sensors of the vechicle. The set also includes parts to build coloured towers that can be picked up by the grabber model of GinoBot™.


8 Straight puzzle pieces, 16.5 x 22cm long each
6 corners puzzle pieces of 90°, 20 x 20cm
2 cross road puzzle pieces, 22 x 22cm
4 line-end puzzle pieces, 18 x 6.5cm
20 Qboidz parts to make 2 towers for picking and sorting.

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